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Beyond Our Backyards


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Agroecology ··· Food Sovereignty ··· Degrowth ··· Permaculture

BoB international meeting 2012 @ Can Decreix

Urban Garden ···Transition Town ··· Food Coop ··· CSA ··· Land Commune


BOB Concept

If you feel identified with one of these words or projects, then it might be time to make a step beyond your backyard and join the Beyond Our Backyards (BoB) network. Collective action is a necessary step in supporting the development and outreach of the ideas of agroecology, food sovereignty and degrowth. BoB invites "agroecologists" from all spheres of action - academics, political activists, farmers, food eaters - to converge and act together for social change.

This portal provides an open network aimed at developing structures and processes for exchanging experiences, learning and advancing knowledge. By joining and using this network you can support your local initiative, group or project with new collaboration and project management tools. By increasing the connection between our agroecological initiatives or research, we can build synergies and increase our understanding of the role and potential of our actions and imaginaries in the transformation of politics, economics and the society we form part of.

Join BoB by registering in this website or contact for additional information and questions.