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Created Members Type
Activist Research
Research group
2012-06-15 15:53 111 Open
Beyond our Backyards (BOB) project description
Basic information of this project: who we are, what do we want to do, etc.
2012-06-18 17:40 153 Open
BOB International
Communication, collaboration and decision making on the BOB international network
2012-06-16 23:34 136 Open
BoB International meeting 2013
The members of this group will organize next BoB international meeting that will take place in Catalonia on the first semester of 2013
2012-10-03 18:27 74 Open
Can Decreix
Can decreix public web site
2012-11-08 20:46 34 Open
Space for sharing ideas, opportunities and activities
2013-02-21 13:06 62 Open
Distributed Platforms
Working group for discussion and articulation of development efforts between different ICT platforms (Transition Network, Wachstumswende, BoB, ...)
2013-01-16 22:31 11 Moderated
Edible Cities/ Essbare Städte/ Ciudades comestibles
Activites, thoughts, discussiones, practical stuff around planting food and medical herbs in and around cities and urbanized rural areas
2012-10-19 22:41 41 Open
ESEH Working Group on Food Sovereignty
This group is composed of people who will be submitting a contribution proposal to the ESEH conference in August 2013 on Food Sovereignty
2012-10-23 17:45 4 Moderated
"Learning More, GROWing Less" - building a degrowth training network
2013-10-14 18:14 34 Open
International Meeting 2012
Notes, reports and discussions from International Meeting 2012 in Can Decreix, Cerbère, France
2012-10-01 11:36 53 Open
Development of the website and tools
2012-06-16 02:19 38 Open
interne Organisation vom Konzeptwerk
2013-03-21 17:39 5 Moderated
Anf./Mitte März werden wir an einem Samstag bei Ermschwerd den Krötenzaun aufbauen. Wer Lust hat, mitzumachen, kann gern mit mir in Kontakt treten. Su
2013-02-21 13:31 4 Open
Learning and education
In this group you can include any proposal on training, education, etc. Create your "project" and include in it as many "cases-tasks" as needed
2012-06-18 17:26 78 Open
Methods for group process, (popular) education and runnnig meetings
Lets gather here important, creative and effective tools for group dynamics and more interesting learning atmosphere
2012-10-19 22:38 35 Open
Nea e.V. Nachhaltige Ernährung im Alltag
Nea e.V.
2013-01-05 14:44 11 Open
Negotiating the Commons
organisation of methods and materials for workshops and seminars
2014-06-16 23:53 1 Open
Für projekte und Kommunikation für die proaktiven Parimalis (und die die von dem Zaun zuschauen wollen.)
2014-12-08 14:39 1 Moderated
Participative agroecological Design
Initiating a permaculture design in a participative way, we begin to apply the idea to Can decreix
2012-10-28 07:43 6 Moderated
Group to organize campaign PluraloWATCH (pluralism in economics)
2013-05-20 16:58 3 Moderated
Organising and coordinating events and research in Poland connected to the Growl project.
2013-09-10 13:44 1 Moderated
Political Ecology
Exchange on political ecology
2013-05-14 11:36 24 Open
Comunidade portuguesa de agroecologia
2012-07-30 23:55 33 Open
Seed Sovereignty
Seed issues
2012-07-05 15:12 34 Moderated